The very first brand new material!!

Hi, there! This is Risa from wafu customer service.

I'll challenge you. Have you ever heard of "pile weave linen towel" and "knitted stretching linen T-shirt"??

You might hear "linen towel" or "linen T-shirt".

However, I'm sure you have never heard of "pile weave linen" or "knitted stretching linen". Why?


Because we invented the first sample of them with other factories!!

  Can you believe those are linen?! 

Linen should've been like this!!

Linen is one of the most comfortable material as you know.

Breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying...


The material should be a towel or a T-shirt, shouldn't it?

Yeah, there a lot of linen towels or linen tees, but those are not "pile weave linen" or "knitted stretching linen" like cotton, yes?! But those are what linen fans have been waiting for!!


You've already caught your mind by this brand new material?

>> Pile weave linen towel

>>  Knitted stretching linen T-shirt


Material people have never seen

Our CEO Watanuki, who obsessed with linen a lot, always says "it's boring to make something somebody has already invented." He started challenging himself "can I make brand new material of linen; such a difficult material, meaning it's hard to be woven, easy to be torn, and difficult to be stretching?" See? Linen is like the hardest difficulty mode to play. He tried to consult other craftsmen. They actually said to him "it's impossible" and also Watanuki thought "it might be impossible, but this industry is going to die if we don't take action"...


This is simple linen that not satisfy our CEO!!

Linen is usually woven like this. Yes, a plain weave. I told you reason why. Linen yarn is hard to be woven, easy to be torn, and difficult to be stretching. This material is also beautiful but pile weave linen or knitted stretching linen are dream for people who have something to do with linen. If you want to those kinds of material, it needs skills to weave linen well. CEO tried a lot but the result was not good. Some fabric was too thin to make a top, some fabric was stretching too much...

However, our CEO never gave up! His phone was ringing when he was about to give up making pile weave linen and knitted stretching linen. And he got a call and heard "it's done" from craftsmen who are straggling with the invention of brand new linen material.


Look at those piles on the surface!!

This is our effort. Can you believe that it's linen? Have you ever find this on Google with the word "pile weave linen"?


Look at those knitted stitches on the surface!!

It looks like cotton, doesn't it? But it's not!! Linen!! We are sure those weave is what linen has been waiting for to be as a towel or a T-shirt.


Watanuki is sure this saves the industry

Do you know why our CEO Watanuki dared invent this new material with risk? He wanted to save the industry that is something to do with linen in Japan. There are a lot of factories that has incredible skills and techniques but it's pretty hard for them to keep their work because big apparel companies decided to make their own factories out side of Japan and stopped the contracts with Japanese small factories in many cases. If we can buy great fabric from the factories, they can survive! Watanuki thought so. Now we keep doing this project to save the industry for the future!







Written by Risa from wafu customer service