Say good-bye to "humid denim"!

Hi, there! This is Risa from wafu customer service.


Do you still bare to wear uncomfortable humid denim in hot summer?


You don't have to do it anymore with comfortable



Linen denim sets you free!!

Linen is one of the most comfortable material.

Breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying...


All are what we need in summer for clothes, aren't they?

Yes, linen denim helps you release your true energy!!


You've already caught your mind by this linen denim?

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Don’t feel so distracted anymore.

Our CEO, Watanuki, thought... "I love denim, but actually it's uncomfortable to wear jeans in hot summer ... the material could be pretty hard, not breathable, and make me feel humid ... Sometimes those make me feel irritated and distracted ... I don't want customer feel the same how I feel!" So he made up his mind... wafu sells linen denim items!


Sooo comfortable even in summer!!

Can you imagine that you are working with a denim coverall under the strong sunshine in summer like this picture? Are you getting sweaty while thinking about it? Breathable and moisture-wicking linen is going to get rid of the idea from you!!

And beauty part of it is that the material is durable, soaks sweat well, dries quickly, gets softer and softer after you wear and wash it a couple of times. Also you don't have to be worried about body odor because pectin, the nutrition linen has, protects the linen tissue from bad smell or something dirty. It definitely makes your skin super happy!! I wanted to say this linen denim can wrap you in the most comfortable and peaceful way ever all the time!!


Okayama - A Mecca for denim fans

We have two types linen denim in wafu ; Indigo one and Dark Indigo one. Dark Indigo fabric, like this picture, is made in Okayama that is famous as "a Mecca for denim" in Japan! There are many factories, like spinning, dying, weaving, etc... where craftspeople make good quality denim many people rely on! So our CEO asked the craftspeople make the linen denim.

The skills and techniques might be dying if people don't care about them. That's what CEO is afraid of. That's why he decided to make items made out of this Okayama linen denim. He hope that may people know about this linen denim and we preserve the skills and techniques. The surface is so beautiful and cool that the clothes make not only us but also our customers satisfied with the function.


Attractive design makes everyone happy!

A-line skirt, suspender pants... and even Ninja pants!! There is no place where you can buy these unique and rare linen denim items with beautiful design and stitches except here wafu! We are sure our customers like it and the profit will go to all craftspeople who make this beautiful pieces.


CEO, Watanuki, is challanging you. Haven't you tried it yet?!


Now you can see so many reasons why we recommend these items. We can say this material is definitely worth to try in your entire life. More and more staffs become fans of linen denim. And yes, I'm the one of them. I can't help pick the pants up for my daily outfit because they are super comfortable!! I hope that you have a chance to try!


**!CAUTION! Indigo linen denim transfers the color a lot!!
Please be careful when you wear and wash it especially at first
even we treat the denim items with a color fixative.



Written by Risa from wafu customer service