LINEN such a compostable material!!

Hi, there! This is Risa from wafu customer service.


Linen is really compostable?

Our CEO had an experiment to prove it!


We'd like to show how eco-friendly linen is.

Who Moved My Linen?!

Our CEO, Watanuki, had an experiment to prove linen is really compostable.


The result? Let's see what happened!


We believed that linen is compostable.

Because it's natural fiber, meaning could be eco-friendly. However, nobody of our company members has seen "composted linen". Our CEO said 'it's nonsense if nobody really see it!!" That's why we started this experiment.


When winter is coming...

It was a cold morning last October. Our CEO said to me "let's bury linen cloth and see what happens!!" He cut 6 pieces of linen cloth and put it into the ground. Yes, Watanuki buried linen cloth last October to see if linen is really composted into the soil. I followed him and took a picture like this.

We've never done something like this ever before by our hands. Of course, we've heard that linen is compostable, but most importantly, we SHOULD see it by our own eyes here.


The time has come

Six month later, suddenly Watanuki said "we have to bury the ground again to see what is happening on the linen...!" Frankly speaking, we had almost forgotten this experience thought. He took a hoe and got out of our office.


Hmm... CEO was staring at the soil...

He said nothing and just was staring at the ground... and finally he said "it's gone." That means linen has been composted!! We found more proof of it. That was...

This tiny piece of red linen cloth! The rest of the clothes were all gone. The soil composted linen into the ground.


Linen is more eco-friendly than chemical fiber!

Actually, we should find how composted linen effects the soil. However, this seems a small step but is a big step for us! We hope to grow vegetable on the ground that composts linen and serve them at our restaurant. This is one of our goal, Watanuki said.


And we are proud of our selves to chose this eco-friendly material for our clothes. We'll keep going on the way for protecting our planet!🌏


So, does your clothes return to the soil?


Written by Risa from wafu customer service