Break And Rebuild

Break And Rebuild

I'm a person who eats even a tail of fried shrimp.
It's much more tasty with tartar sauce!! ... isn't it?

Anyway, now I want to build a new big building that has a cafeteria, a bar, a boutique, a gallery, and a visible factory!

Actually, there are many garment factory that are dying under the situation of this COVID-19 pandemic. It seems like "crisis".

I can hear that people would say to me like
"Are you crazy, Watanuki?! Are you going to build a new building under this situation?! It's definitely out of your mind."

A comment like this is just honor for me.

It's apparently a big decision like betting all of my life.
I don't know why, but I'm not afraid of it at all even if it might be possible that my company is going to be bankrupt.

Before building the new place, I'm going to break down wafu's guest house and cafeteria we made.


I spent 4 years to make them, but there is no regrets to lose them.

All I'm interested in is just "the future".
I'm a person like that.

I'm so excited to see what only time will tell.
All motivation comes from just my expectation for garment factory and fashion industry.

I'm not sure that the bank would lend us money, but I'll never give up.

The goal is to make a place where craftsmen and craftswomen belong sustainable to keep sewing wonderful clothes as long as wafu exists.


written by Yosuke Watanuki