I'm so excited that a whiteboard arrived in my office because it is the one I've wanted, but this blog is not about the whiteboard but a loan for my business.

I've got it!
It's going to be a huge and most important project for my company.

It's quite risky to make a new big building in the COVID era, isn't it?

Many people in Japan say "nobody is going to invest a lot of money for a new project like this," or "only huge gigantic company can do it."

Actually, the bank near our company rejected my offer, but the other banks are willing to help us with the loan.

To be honest, I had already finished a plan of a new building with an architecture company before I found the banks that help us.
Nobody knows what would had happened when I had not got the help.

Open factory, selling our waist textile, alternations or modifications of clothing, and a cafeteria... those are what I've been wanting in the new building.

One of our goals is to be a company where veteran craftspeople train and nurture new craftspeople. Our craftspeople receive good salaries and our customers have the unique opportunity to get to know the people working in the factory and the new building!

Also I hope to make a place where any people enjoy working and shopping with - wafu -, yes, any people, it doesn't matter Japanese or not, where you are from, what you believe in, or with any kinds of disabilities. The new building could represent wafu's way of thinking.

Now I'm so excited at it while I'm writing it.
I want to see what happened when out company does it!

On the other hand, I know that I have to return a loooot of money I lent, so I must work much harder than I imagined.

Are you interested in what gets me motivated?
It is "I know how long I'm going to live in the future".
Of course not 100 years, right? I guess less than 40, 30 years.
The best timing is right now for me.

I just hope to make customers and employees that have something to do with wafu much happier than now.

I'll do it no matter what, how about you?

Text and Picture / CEO Watanuki Yosuke