Make It Possible

Make It Possible

Guess what the last thing people would do under this terrible situation for retails, COVID-19 I mean.

It is to start making a new big building!

Who is about to start it?


I guess many people are not going to do something like this under the situation.
However, I do because I love something everybody doesn't try and I'm curious that what happens if I do it.
I'll never give up even the way I took is super hard to go.
I'm always wondering why great employees and results follow me after I took the way like that, but I like it so much anyway.

And this time, I just want to see the result of what I've done with a new big building.
Can't wait!

Actually, the bank rejected to lend me money.
I was sad that they made their mind so quickly because they didn't believe in our progress even I showed them how nice the project and the future is.
Yeah, I understand that people are scared of something that has not been proved by "numbers" yet, so it can't be helped.

However, finally I found two banks that try to help my company! I'm not sure that the banks lend me money, but I think it's my progress.

I'll definitely make it and show you a new linen world at wafu!
It would support your life and make something new possible.

I'm super excited about it!


CEO Watanuki