Make It Fun

Make It Fun

Well, our cafeteria has been closed because we have to do "COVID-19 quarantine" and it's nice to run our shop instead of running the cafeteria.

However, I heard a lot of requests about our cafeteria and hope to have a place to enjoy clothes and meals in.

So, we are going to build a new big building where we enjoy a meal, an event, clothes, and our factory!

Now I'm trying to loan a lot of money from the bank. Let's see what happens.

Today, two customers came to our shop and looked around clothes. They looked very sophisticated like a professional model and photographer.

They asked us to introduce a nice and stylish restaurant around here because, we can't serve lunch at our cafeteria unfortunately.

Some of our staff had already picked up some nice and stylish places, but I ignored them and took the guests to one of the restaurants I like.

"I'll be your guide!"

"It'll be left side of the street after going through the traffic light."

We got to the restaurant where "sophisticated" people would never go.

Ramen and half fried rice set costs just only $5.5.

We can also have a cup of lassi, yogurt drink, and refill our rice bowl with the price.

The table is a little bit greasy and a poster of Sathya Sai Baba is on the wall.

The reason why I took them to this place?

The answer is that "I wanted to break the "stereotype", which means I think it's very important for them to go to the place they didn't expect.

The chemistry between the sophisticated customers and the greasy and dry restaurant was amazing for me! ... I know I was a bizarre person.

I was feeling like the customers got more frank and attached and the restaurant looked like the castle with the customers.

I was sure the customers enjoyed the situation...
... didn't it?



Text/Photo by Yosuke Watanuki