Can Watanuki do it at all costs?!

Can Watanuki do it at all costs?!

What are you going to eat if there are so many wonderful choices in a restaurant?

I, CEO Watanuki, will eat the same one I really like over and over again until I get tired of it!

I know you'd like to say to me ... "didn't you say that you don't like something same as always?!" However, I'll never give it up. This is a feeling I can't explain... don't you feel something similar?

Anyways, I've challenged myself to build a new building here and found that it costs a loooooot... 100 times more expensive than I thought.

I have to make the cost as less as possible somehow.

I've heard some opinions from some customer like;

You don't have to build a new building!
I'm so sad that you break down the cafeteria and the guest house!!
Please stop it!

I think I'm a lucky person who has those customers who care about - wafu - like this.

However, I'll just step forward to the future! Which means I'll break down the buildings and build a new building no matter what!

I'm so serious about this that I don't care how hard it is.
It deserves to be done with my entire life!

I'm super interested in if I could do these;

Am I able to make people happy?

Am I able to make a job that helps people with disabilities make a good saraly they expect by themselves?

Am I able to care about our planet with my business?

It seems like my experiments to make the world I'm imagining with all of my hearts.

At the end of this article, please let me tell you about the secret of my power that lets me focus on this business is "my wife".

I really appreciate it. I can't live without her.


Text and Picture / CEO Watanuki Yosuke