wafu Guest House

wafu Guest House


We have "a guest house" in wafu.

Exactly, it's a place where you can stay!


Now, we have Clothing as linen clothes, Food as cafe wafu, and Housing as this guest house.


It locates Chuo, Yamanashi, Japan. Actually, nothing special around here but residences and rice field.


There is a station called "Koikawa" near our office where you can't even pay for train fee with a Prepaid IC card.

However, it's really convenient to visit especially from Tokyo because it takes 2 and half hours from Shinjuku to Koikawa by limited express train.

You can change trains at Kofu station but it's not hard to get here.

5 minutes walk leads you to the wafu studio.



Here wafu is three different buildings; the studio, the cafeteria, and the guest house.

Those three buildings are filled with "LINEN".


Especially in the guest house, it is waiting for you at the entrance that Japanese traditional curtain called Noren crafted from linen.

You can wipe yourself with a linen towel and lay down on a bed sheet made from 100% pure linen.

When you wake up, please open a linen curtain in the room!


It's totally different from other accommodations, isn't it?



The price? It's for free!

Yes, we don't need it.

All we can say is "please don't expect that there are a lots of luxury service because our main business is "clothing and it's for free".


The building is actually built in a couple of decades ago and Japanese traditional orthodox style at the era.


And, okay now I guess you have some questions about this guest house, so please let me explain.


How to make a reservation?

There are 3 rules.

1Subscribe "wafu NEWSLETTER"

→  https://wafu-linen-clothing.com/
*Below the homepage

2Message us to make a reservation from "Contact Us" with this information; date and amount of customers.

e.g.) 3 women, check in on October 5th.
e.g.) 1 man, check in on March 3rd.

* Please let us what time will you come
* After we receive your message, we'll let you know the details
* We are closed on Saturday and Sunday


3Post on social media about what you experienced here with #wafulinen

Our CEO is definitely going to give the post "LIKE"!!



Again, we are not professional hoteliers, so we hope that this guest house for guests or customers who are related with us and interested in our products and business!

What time are check-in and check-out?


Check-in  3:00pm-10:00pm
Check-out 10:00am

* Please let us know when you are late through "Contact Us".
* You may stay overnight. May not stay more than 2 nights.
* We have a parking lot

Is there any places to have a meal?

Dinner and breakfast are not included.

However, we have a cafeteria next the guest house where you may try wine or our curry and rice if you let us know you need.


Breakfast costs ¥550+tax and changes by everyday.


How are the rooms and how many people can stay?

There are 3 rooms that are 9.5 square meters big.

Each of them is for two adults.


We manage customers' schedules and make sure that you can stay here.




1 restroom

1 shower room

1 sinks

1 room has an air conditionar

( 2 rooms have not had it yet... )

Also there is nice onsen (hot spring) on the hill near here 10 minutes drive that has a great view!



Make a reservation?



First, subscribe us, second send us message;
1. Date of check in
2. Number of customers
3. Let us know if you need a stay with dinner and breakfast
from "Contuct Us".

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us!