Cafeteria in the garment factory - Cafe wafu -

Cafeteria in the garment factory - Cafe wafu -

We are making linen clothes all the time.


We have a cafeteria where we have a lunch and a break for our staffs.


Also our staffs make each plate.


It costs 790 yen.



There is no chef who can make extraordinaly meal.


However, you can have great meal here because we have craftmanship that makes us never give up making something great and special even our meal!



wafu original brend coffee dripped with wafu linen filter


The flavor is like chocolate and might be good enough to make Cuddle hormon inside of you.




Carry and Rice.


CEO Watanuki loves carry and rice.


Wafu's one is with full of good ground and nuts.


It definitely makes you hangry!


You should say "One carry and rice, please" without thinking anything! It works well.


Even kids can eat it because it's not hot at all.


And please try this salad dressing!


It may amuse your tongue.


You may buy this salad dressing at our cafeteria.


Please be careful that the dressing is expired in 2 days.


hamburg steak.


We've invented our original demi-glaze sauce with adjusting the 


This is special hamburg steak with juicy gravy.


It great with homemade sause!


The meat is so soft.


The plate has hard bread that can be eaten with the sause.


It's so good that you will do it spontainiously.



I, CEO Watanuki, have a dream...


What is the ideal that Watanuki thinks about?


This cafeteria should be a place where people get togheter and have a great time with those plates.


I'd like to drink, not just only eat meals though...


Anyway, we will update this cafeteria to have a nice place for communication.


This cafeteria is not only for us but also for customers!


You may have a chance to hear about our studio, fashion field, or CEO's tips.



Open every Friday 11:30-14:30

The place is wafu Studio  Kamisanjo 511-1, Chuo City, Yamanashi Prefecture




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